Mobile is big. In fact, huge! It’s an incredibly fast growing computing sector and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In short, we’re all madly reliant on our phones.

In parallel with that is the popularity of online video. Marry the two up and you have videos of your venue/event in the palm of your patron’s hands.

It’s been a bit cumbersome to put a whole YouTube link in your SMS messages as anybody who regularly sends will know, there is only a small amount of screen real estate that you can use up (160 characters to be precise) before you move in to double message land (also known as the land of the brave or those which forget to see how many characters they’ve used up.)

So we have a solution for you. Use a URL shortener.

A URL shortener such as Bitly cuts down a long link like this ( , in to something like this (

Which means you can save on character space in your SMS messages.

For the time being, you just need to head over to any URL shortener page, copy/paste your link and it will spit out a shortened link for you.

We’ll shortly be integrating it right in to your emails/sms so that any of your links can instantly get shortened for you.